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What is the name of the law that requires funds appropriated by Congress?

What is the name of the law that requires funds appropriated by Congress?

Misappropriation is the intentional and illegal use of funds for another use or other unauthorized purpose than its intended purpose. (31 USC, Section 1301) requires that funds appropriated by Congress be used only for the programs and purposes for which the appropriation was made.

Where is the authorized purpose of an appropriation found?

True, Article 1, Section 9, Clause 7, requires appropriations in law before money may be spent from the Treasury. The term appropriation applies broadly to any law that permits a Government employee to spend money, not just to the regular appropriation bills.

What is an appropriation warrant?

An official U.S. Treasury document that provides the dollar amounts established in the general and detailed appropriation accounts of the U.S. Treasury pursuant to Appropriation Acts authorized by law.

What is a non expenditure transfer?

Nonexpenditure transactions are defined as transactions that do not represent payments for goods and services, but serve only to adjust amounts available in. accounts. They include transfers of appropriations (based on appropriation warrants), which increase or decrease appropriation amounts between appropriation.

What is a direct appropriation?

“Direct Appropriation” is an appropriation made in biennial or annual budget bills and is for a limited period of time, usually within the biennium. C. “Open Appropriation” refers to the authority to spend an unspecified amount of resources to meet a program’s objective or a constitutional requirement.

What is the difference between an authorization and appropriation?

First, authorization bills establish, continue, or modify agencies or programs. Second, appropriations measures may provide spending for the agencies and programs previously authorized. Authorization acts establish, continue, or modify agencies or programs.

What is a Treasury warrant?

: a warrant for the payment of money into or from a public treasury.

What is the difference between appropriation and apportionment?

As nouns the difference between apportionment and appropriation. is that apportionment is the act of apportioning or the state of being apportioned while appropriation is an act or instance of.

What is an expenditure transfer?

Expenditure transfers represent the transfer of funds between or within appropriations that involve a withdrawal from one account and a credit to another account for goods or services received.

What does non expenditure mean?

Spending not chargeable as a usual expenditure, such as the payment of a refund or repayment of a loan principle.

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