What is the singular form of lice?

What is the singular form of lice?

The singular of ‘lice’ is ‘louse’.

Is lice is singular or plural?

Since they tend to travel in groups, the plural form of louse, lice, is much more common than the singular. Lice are small parasites that live on skin cells, blood, or other tiny bits of some host animal.

What is the irregular plural of louse?

Irregular plurals are plural forms of countable nouns which are not constructed by adding -s or -es to a noun. An example of an irregular noun is “louse”, whose plural form is “lice”.

What is the plural of goose?

noun. \ ˈgüs \ plural geese\ ˈgēs \

What word is louse?

(Entry 1 of 2) 1 plural lice\ ˈlīs \ a : any of various small wingless usually flattened insects (orders Anoplura and Mallophaga) parasitic on warm-blooded animals. b : a small usually sluggish arthropod (such as a biting louse) that lives on other animals or on plants and sucks their blood or juices.

Is louse a Scrabble word?

Yes, louse is in the scrabble dictionary.

What lice are attracted to?

Lice are attracted to the blood they get through your scalp – short, long, clean or dirty. Doesn’t matter! You have to clean every crevice of your house after a lice infestation.

Is the word lice singular or plural?

Lice itself is a Plural form and the the Singular of it is Louse. Louse is the common name for members of the order Phthiraptera, which contains nearly 5,000 species of wingless insect.

The singular of lice is louse. Note from biology: Lice, together with 5 thousand species of wingless insects, belong to the order Phthiraptera.

What is the difference between lice and louse?

As nouns the difference between lice and louse is that lice is ( louse) while louse is a small parasitic wingless insect of the order phthiraptera. As a verb louse is to remove lice from the body of a person or animal; to delouse.

What is another word for lice?

louse, sucking louse(noun) wingless usually flattened bloodsucking insect parasitic on warm-blooded animals. Synonyms: plant louse, worm, bird louse, biting louse, sucking louse, insect, dirt ball.

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