What is the surface area for Jupiter?

What is the surface area for Jupiter?

23,713,907,537 square miles
Density, mass and volume The volume of Jupiter is 1,431,281,810,739,360 cubic kilometers, 1,321 times that of Earth. The surface area of this enormous planet is 23,713,907,537 square miles, or 6.1419×1010 square kilometers, 120 times that of our planet.

What is the surface of Saturn?

Surface. As a gas giant, Saturn doesn’t have a true surface. The planet is mostly swirling gases and liquids deeper down. While a spacecraft would have nowhere to land on Saturn, it wouldn’t be able to fly through unscathed either.

What is Jupiter’s terrain?

The swirly “surface” of Jupiter that we see from Earth is in fact the clouds of ammonia and methane that make up the very top layer of the planet. Because the planet is made solely of gases, it would be impossible to stand on the surface, and actually, no surface exists to stand on.

Does Jupiter have life on its surface?

First, let’s look at the conditions on Jupiter that preclude the existence of life. The planet is a gas giant composed mainly of hydrogen and helium. There is virtually no water to support known life forms. The planet does not have a solid surface for life to develop anywhere except as a floating microscopic organism.

Does Jupiter have any water on its surface?

The answer is yes , there is a small amount of water, but it is not “on” Jupiter. It is in the form of water vapor in the cloud tops. Scientists were surprised to find only trace amounts of water on Jupiter. After all, they had reasoned that Jupiter should have more oxygen than the Sun.

Does Jupiter have any solid surface at all?

Jupiter’s surface. Unlike Earth, Jupiter does not have a hard, solid surface. It just a big chunk of gases (and some other stuff) that is pulled together in the shape of a planet.

Does Jupiter have a rocky surface?

First off, you should know that Jupiter does not have a hard, rocky surface like the one we have here on Earth. Thus, the phrase “stepping on the surface of Jupiter” would not be literally possible, as Jupiter is a gas giant, meaning that it has no hard, solid surface to set one’s feet on.

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