What mistake did Brian make in the use of his hatchet Chapter 8?

What mistake did Brian make in the use of his hatchet Chapter 8?

As Brian attempts to bend a piece of the aluminum, he drops the hatchet in the water. He immediately recognizes his mistake and recalls how important the hatchet has been to his survival. Luckily for Brian, he is able to dive deep into the lake to retrieve the hatchet.

What problem does Brian have in hatchet?

The problem that Brian faces at the end of chapter 17 of Hatchet is that he can’t find a way to get inside the wreckage of the airplane to retrieve the survival pack.

What caused Brian to cry until he was all cried out in chapter 8?

Explain. After the porcupine stabbed his leg and he was left in the dark alone, he broke down and cried because it was just too much. (8)What caused Brian to cry until he was all cried out? He used his hatchet to swing at the porcupine and is poked him with its quills.

Where was Brian in Chapter 8 of Hatchet?

Before we look at what happens in Chapter 8 of Hatchet, let’s look at where Brian’s been. Brian Robeson is still stranded in the wilderness after the plane carrying him to visit his father crashed. All he has with him is the hatchet, a small ax with a wooden handle, his mother gave him before he left.

What was Brian’s mistake in The Wizard of Oz?

Another mistake Brian made was he threw his hatchet at the porcupine. Throwing the hatchet also kind of helped him because when he thre the hatchet at the porcupine there were sparks and he noticed. That was how he figured out how to make a fire.

Why did Brian throw his hatchet at the Porcupine?

Also when the porcupine came into Brian’s shelter, Brian shouldn’t have thrown his hatchet at the porcupine because now his hatchet had a dent in it.

What should Brian have done instead of kicking the Porcupine?

Brian should have hit the porcupine with the hatchet instead of kicking it. He should stop thinking of negitive things and he should stay focused about survival. It can effect his brain and he can suffer physical. If I had bad memories I would probably do the same as Brian.

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