What models of PS3 are backwards compatible?

What models of PS3 are backwards compatible?

PlayStation 3 Model Guide

  • 60GB model numbers that begin with CECH-Axx are fully backward compatible.
  • 20GB models that begin with CECH-Bxx, 60GB models that begin with CECH-Cxx, and 80GB models that begin with CECH-Exx are backward compatible via software emulation.

Does the 80 GB PS3 play PS2 games?

The original 60GB and 20GB launch models are backward compatible with PS2 games because they have PS2 chips in them. Other models, most notably the 80GB Metal Gear Solid PS3, used to be backward compatible using emulation software, but they no longer support PS2 games.

Is the 500gb PS3 backwards compatible?

The Super Slim PS3 has the same old cross-media bar (XMB) interface. Like the most of the PS3 iterations before it, this Super Slim PS3 is not backward-compatible with PS2 games.

Can I play PS2 games on my PS3?

If you have a PS3 model that is backwards compatible, you can play your PS2 games just as you would play your PS3 games. If your PS3 is not compatible with PS2 discs, you can find many popular games on the PlayStation Store.

How do I make my PlayStation 3 backwards compatible?

Check the number of USB ports your fat PS3. All backwards compatible PS3s are “fat,” but not all fat PS3s are backwards compatible. If you have a fat PS3, check the number of USB ports on the front of the PS3. If the PS3 has four USB ports, it is backwards compatible. If it has two USB ports, it cannot play PS2 discs.

What PS3 games are backwards compatible?

Top Voted Answer. 1. Some models of the 80GB PS3 are backwards compatible with PS2 games. Specifically, the older ones. 2. ALL 60GB models of the PS3 ever released are backwards compatible with PS2 games.

What PS3 models are backwards compatible?

In summary though, the only North American PS3 models that have been acknowledged to be backwards compatible are the original 20GB and 60GB models released in 2006, as well as the first wave of 80GB models released in 2007.

Which PS3 model is backward compatible?

The only PS3’s that are completely backwards compatible are the original 20 and 60 gig versions.

Is the PS3 still backwards compatible?

How Sony went from being the undisputed champ of replayability to struggling to keep up with competitors. The PS2 Popularizes Backward Compatibility. In the early years, console backward compatibility typically required adapters or other peripherals. PS3 Creates Backward-Compatible Problems. At launch, the PlayStation 3 – like Sony’s previous generation – supported full backward compatibility as well. Next-Gen Backwards Compatibility.

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