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What should you do if you hit your leg?

What should you do if you hit your leg?

Care Advice for Minor Leg Injuries

  1. Pain Medicine. To help with the pain, give an acetaminophen product (such as Tylenol).
  2. Cold Pack. For pain or swelling, use a cold pack.
  3. Heat Pack. If pain lasts over 2 days, put heat on the sore muscle.
  4. Rest. Rest the injured part as much as possible for 48 hours.
  5. Stretching.

How is leg trauma treated?

Treatment. Treatment for a leg injury may include rest, ice, elevation, and other first aid measures (such as the application of a brace, splint, or cast), or Physiotherapy. Some leg injuries are treated with medicine or surgery, especially if a bone is broken.

How long does a bruised leg muscle take to heal?

Recovery time can range between a few days to a few weeks. Though many cases of muscle bruising heal on their own, more severe muscle injuries may require medical attention. If your symptoms don’t improve within a few days of developing the injury, see your doctor.

What does a dead leg feel like?

Signs/symptoms: Unable to walk properly without the use of crutches or other walking aid. Debilitating, severe pain throughout the thigh. Wide-spread swelling and bruising. Severe pain with muscle contraction.

Can you fracture your leg and still walk?

Sometimes, a really bad complete fracture will not be able to carry weight or otherwise function properly. Most of the time, however, fractures can indeed support weight. The patient can probably even walk on a broken leg—it just hurts like the dickens.

How long does a leg injury last?

It can take several weeks or months for a broken leg to heal fully. The time it takes depends on how bad the break was and how healthy you are. Younger people heal faster than those who are older. Most people get better in 6-8 weeks.

When should I be concerned about a leg injury?

Call for immediate medical help or go to an emergency room if you: Have a leg injury with a deep cut or exposed bone or tendon. Are unable to walk or put weight on your leg. Have pain, swelling, redness or warmth in your calf.

Is a dead leg serious?

Are there any long-term effects from a dead leg? A condition called myositis ossificans can be caused if a dead leg is caused to re-bleed during recovery. This very serious condition can occur if someone returns to activity too soon, or through over-vigorous massage or stretching of the quadriceps muscle.

Why does my leg feel like a dead leg?

Dead Leg, also known as a quadriceps contusion or a corked thigh, occurs when the thigh muscles receive a direct impact. A very common sporting injury, the impact causes the thigh muscles (quadriceps) to be crushed against the underlying thigh bone (femur).

What does it mean when you hit your leg hard?

Get help now: i hit my right leg hard 3 weeks ago. i now have a large lump below and to the left of my right knee (front). painful, red, no heat. i have no insuranc? Likely a hematoma: From what you describe, it sounds like a hematoma, or blood collection. It also may be other things. Seeing a doctor in person would be the way to go, Read More

How to cure lump in leg after hard hit?

There was a bruise very big where but now there is a very hard golf ball sized lump where the ball made contact. Did not go… View answer How to cure lump on the leg after hitting?

What causes a blood clot in the leg?

A hematoma forms as your blood clots, resulting in swelling and pain. Hematomas can occur anywhere in your body, including your leg. Causes of hematoma in your leg. Although hematomas can show up elsewhere, if they appear on your leg, it’s usually due to injury such as a blow to your leg from a fall or an encounter with a blunt object.

Which is the best medicine for hematoma in the leg?

1 aspirin 2 apixaban (Eliquis) 3 warfarin (Coumadin) 4 clopidogrel (Plavix) 5 prasugrel (Effient) 6 rivaroxaban (Xarelto)

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