What species is Penicillium?

What species is Penicillium?

Penicillium, genus of blue or green mold fungi (kingdom Fungi) that exists as asexual forms (anamorphs, or deuteromycetes). Those species for which the sexual phase is known are placed in the Eurotiales.

What is Penicillium scientific name?

Penicillium/Scientific names

Which species of Penicillium produce penicillin?

Penicillium chrysogenum is best known for the production of the antibiotic penicillin and for this reason its taxonomy has received much attention.

How many species of Penicillium are there?

Penicillium is a very large and ubiquitous genus which currently contains 354 accepted species (Visagie et al. 2014). Many species are common contaminants on various substrates and are known as potential mycotoxin producers.

Is Penicillium black mold?

‘Black’ mold is an umbrella term of not one mold type, but multiple species of mold. The mold’s commonly referred to as ‘black toxic’ mold are mold species of stachybotrys, chaetomium, aspergillus, penicillium, and fusarium.

Why is Penicillium important to humans?

Penicillium is an important genus of phylum ascomycota, found in the natural environment as well as in food and drug production. Some members of the genus produce penicillin, a molecule used as an antibiotic that kills or stops the growth of certain kinds of bacteria inside the body.

How do I get rid of penicillium aspergillus mold?

  1. Rake around the perimeter of your home and remove as much decaying organic material as you can.
  2. Mix a weak bleach solution and wipe down every single surface in your home with the weak bleach.
  3. Remove all sources of water or dampness in your home, to remove possible breeding grounds for molds such as aspergillus.

What are the names of the species of Penicillium?

Penicillium species are commonly occurring and have given us penicillin, mycophenolic acid, compactin, fungal steroid transformations, white and blue cheeses, fermented salamis, pigments, and extracellular enzymes. Most of the well-known Penicillium species belong to the newly defined genus and are known under their Penicillium name.

Where can you find Penicillium in the world?

Penicillium can be found at various places such as soil, air, on decaying food, etc. Penicillin is one of the most important antibiotics extracted from Penicillium sp.

What can Penicillium be used for in bioremediation?

Some Penicillium species have shown potential for use in bioremediation, more specifically mycoremediation, because of their ability to break down a variety of xenobiotic compounds. Penicillium also prevents bacteria from affecting the body. The genus includes a wide variety of species molds that are the source molds of major antibiotics.

What kind of host is Penicillium verrucosum found in?

Most Penicillium infections are encountered in immunosuppressed hosts. Corneal infections are usually post-traumatic [ 581 ]. In addition to its infectious potential, Penicillium verrucosum produces a mycotoxin, ochratoxin A, which is nephrotoxic and carcinogenic.

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