What type of Alice does Mikan have?

What type of Alice does Mikan have?

Mikan Sakura
Alice Nullification Alice Stealing Alice Inserting Alice Amplification Alice (Temporary) Telepathy Alice (Temporary) Teleportation Alice (Temporary)
Alice Type Special Ability Dangerous Ability
Alice Shape Intermittent
Alice Stone Color Mandarin Orange

How many Alices does Mikan have?

Mikan Sakura (Sakura Mikan 佐倉 蜜柑?), or more appropriately,Mikan Yukihira is the female protagonist of Gakuen Alice, who posses three very unique Alices—the Nullification, Stealing, and Insertion Alices.

What star rank is Mikan?

Mikan has finally been accepted by her classmates after discovering she has the nullification Alice. However, after upsetting a teacher, Mikan is given the lowest ranking of the school: a no star.

Who does Mikan end up with in Gakuen Alice?

Four years later, Natsume reunited with Mikan and helps her regain her memories, and they share a happy reunion. They rekindle their relationship and begin wearing matching engagement rings. After Mikan graduated from the academy, she and Natsume get married.

Who is Mikan’s best friend?

Hotaru Imai
Mikan Sakura Her story begins after she follows Hotaru Imai (Mikan’s best friend) to a place called Alice Academy–a Tokyo school supposedly exclusive…

Who is Junko’s crush?

Junko actually is capable of having affectionate feelings for others, such as her childhood friend and crush Yasuke Matsuda and her own sister. However, this only feeds into her love of despair, killing them in a manner to make herself as well as the victims she actually cared for feel extreme despair.

Who does Hajime Hinata have a crush on?

Ship Tease — Hajime develops a one-sided crush on Peko during her Free Time Events. Pekohina is the het ship between Hajime Hinata and Peko Pekoyama from the Danganronpa fandom.

Why does Mikan despise the Dangerous Ability Class?

Dangerous Ability Class. Mikan grew to despise the Elementary School Principal once she learned he is source of the sufferings within the Academy and personally ordered her parents to be murdered so he could capture her for his own benefit.

What does Mikan do with the stolen Alices?

After the stealing process, Mikan can turn the stolen Alices into Alice Stones. She also has the ability to insert the stolen Alices in other compatible individuals. Mikan “healed” herself from Persona’s alice by stealing the alice from her body. She later healed Narumi who was suffering from the same thing.

Why is Mikan so disliked in Gakuen Alice?

Hotaru asks Mikan to pretend they are strangers, which surprises Mikan. The class accepts Mikan with skepticism due to that she doesn’t know what her Alice is yet, and is seated next to Natsume and Ruka, which shocks her. She is immediately disliked by her classmates when she insults Natsume.

How does Mikan get the Alice Stone from Yuka?

Praying for help from her mother, father, and everyone, Mikan inserts Alice stones into everyone. This, however exhausts her. The Alice stone in her body is learned to be Sakurano’s Teleportation Alice stone; the same Alice as Yuka.

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