What was the first ever 12-inch single?

What was the first ever 12-inch single?

Ten Percent
In 1975 Salsoul Records offered “Ten Percent” by Double Exposure as the first commercially released 12‐inch single. The boom in disco and discoprogrammed radio soon made the large format single indispensable for listeners who wanted full‐length disco versions of songs unavailable on other record formats.

When did 12 singles come out?

In 1903 12-inch discs were introduced by Victor, on their Deluxe label, these able to play for up to four minutes, so increasing what were non-achievable times of the length of a song or speech on the earlier formats. These first twelve-inch releases were all by the Victor Grand Concert Band, led by Frederick W. Hager.

Who invented the 12 single?

In 1976, an accidental studio discovery by disco pioneer Tom Moulton provided the solution: a 12-inch single. By stretching one song across 12 inches of vinyl, a format typically reserved for full-length albums, those long dance tracks had room to breathe.

Do 12 singles sound better?

12 inch singles will usually sound much better. Since the grooves are farther apart on a 12 inch single it can be mastered at a higher volume. Also many 7 inch singles were made if styrene instead of vinyl. These typically sound worse when played and will wear much faster.

How does it feel Atomic Blonde?

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Who Sing How does it feel?

Untitled (How Does It Feel)/Artists

Why do 45s have a bigger hole?

RCA decided to make the hole on its new 45 1.5 inches wide for a couple of reasons. First, RCA wanted its new format to crush the LPs being issued by Columbia and its licensed partners. Someone in the company came up with the idea of making and selling turntables designed exclusively for 45s.

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Who sang under pressure in Atomic Blonde?

David Bowie
One of the standout features of Atomic Blonde lies in its use of such popular tracks as “Under Pressure” (David Bowie & Queen), “Father Figure” (George Michael) and “Just Like Heaven” (The Cure).

How does it feel release date?

Untitled (How Does It Feel)/Released

When did they start making 12 inch singles?

Many record companies in the 1970s began producing 12-inch (30 cm) singles at 33 1 ⁄ 3 rpm, although 45 rpm gives better treble response and was used on many twelve-inch singles, especially in the UK.

What does a twelve inch vinyl single mean?

Maxi-singles. The term “twelve-inch” usually refers to a vinyl single with one or more extended mixes or remixes of a song. In the mid-to-late 1980s, popular artists often used the twelve-inch format to include extra songs that were not included on albums, just as a seven-inch single often included a B-side song that was not found on full-length…

How did the disco twelve inch record come about?

The disco twelve-inch record came into being from several key developments: releasing the extended version to the public.

How many minutes does a 12 inch LP Hold?

1⁄3 or 45 rpm. The conventional 7‐inch single usually holds three or four minutes of music at full volume. The 12‐inch LP sacrifices volume for extended playing time. In the 1970s, the 12‐inch single was created as a hybrid. Twelve-inch singles typically have much shorter playing time than full-length LPs, and thus require fewer grooves per inch.

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