What word means to make a serious effort to achieve?

What word means to make a serious effort to achieve?

Endeavor means a continued and sustained series of efforts to achieve some, often worthy and difficult, end: a constant endeavor to be useful. Exertion is the vigorous and often strenuous expenditure of energy, frequently without an end: out of breath from exertion.

What’s another way to say make an effort?

What is another word for make effort?

attempt try
push embark on
make an effort take on
try out exert oneself
give a fling give it a burl

What is a strong effort?

1 involving or possessing physical or mental strength. 2 solid or robust in construction; not easily broken or injured. 3 having a resolute will or morally firm and incorruptible character. 4 intense in quality; not faint or feeble.

What’s an example of effort?

Effort is defined as the use of physical or mental energy, the act or result of trying to do something. An example of effort is someone using their brain to make a plan. An example of effort is writing a letter.

Which means the same as trying to achieve something?

pursue. verb. to try to achieve something.

What is another word for great effort?

What is another word for make a great effort?

strive laborUS
exert yourself toil
work go all out
exert oneself spare no effort
make every effort bend over backwards

What is effort sentence?

Examples of effort in a Sentence He put a lot of effort into finishing the project on time. The job will require a great deal of time and effort. Our success is due to the combined efforts of many people. Her efforts were rewarded with a new contract. He lost the campaign despite the best efforts of his supporters.

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