What years did Chevy make the rally Nova?

What years did Chevy make the rally Nova?

The Chevrolet Chevy II/Nova is a small automobile manufactured by Chevrolet, and produced in five generations for the 1962 through 1979, and 1985 through 1988 model years. Nova was the top model in the Chevy II lineup through 1968.

What year was the first Nova?

Chevrolet introduced the Nova nameplate in 1962 as the top trim level for the new Chevy II compact. While Chevy’s first compact, the innovative (and ultimately doomed) Corvair, was aimed at the Volkswagen Beetle, the Chevy II was a counter to Ford’s wildly successful 1960 Falcon.

How do I identify a 1970 Nova SS?

Examine the badging. For the 1970 Super Sport Nova, there were only four SS tags on the body of the car: one on the trunk lid, one on each front quarter panel, and one on the grille. The SS badges on the front quarter panels will list the CID of the engine: 350 or 396.

Why is a Nova called a Chevy 2?

Chevy management finally decided on “Chevy II,” because it started with a “C”—really. That’s why the other name they liked didn’t win the day—however, they decided to keep it for the top trim line for the Chevy II Series. That name was “Nova.” In other words, anyone who owned a Nova actually owned a Chevy II.

How can you tell if a Nova SS is real?

Find the VIN number of the Nova. The second and third numbers will tell you if the Nova is in fact a genuine SS or a clone. Look for a 1-7 or a 1-8, which are the factory numbers that correspond with an SS for the Nova. Any other combination of digits in the second and third spaces means the Nova is not a genuine SS.

How long does it take to get on the Pova list?

The Department of Health have introduced a Statutory Requirement on care providers to check workers applying for care positions against the POVA list through the Standard or Enhanced Disclosure process, before they take up their duties. The disclosure process takes 2 weeks (standard) or 4 weeks (enhanced).

How does the protection of Vulnerable Adults ( PoVA ) work?

All Protection of Vulnerable Adults Teams (POVA) work to ensure that all vulnerable adults are protected from abuse and neglect and when a referral is received it may be necessary to take action to keep individuals safe from further actual harm or risk of harm.

What does option 1 mean on a POVA first check?

No match exists for this person on the current POVA list. The CRB reveal no more information than this in a POVA First check. Note that an option 1 response means the check has been inconclusive, and does not necessarily mean that adverse information is held about the individual on the POVA list.

When do care providers need to check Pova list?

The list should be checked when care providers wish to appoint individuals to care positions working with vulnerable adults. From 26 July 2004, there will be a statutory requirement on care providers to check if workers they wish to appoint to a ‘care position’ are included on the POVA list. A ‘care position’ means:

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