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When can you access turnback cave?

When can you access turnback cave?

You can enter Turnback Cave after you beat the game. The first room has a large pillar at the center. Read the guide written on the pillar to learn how to get to the final room. Actually, you need to pass the room that has the large pillar at the center three times before you pass 30 rooms.

How do I get a Sendoff Spring?

After you face Giratina in the Distortion World, you enter the portal to appear in Sendoff Spring, back in the Sinnoh world. Cynthia blocks the entrance to the cave, so you can’t enter the dungeon yet. Use Rock Climb to climb up the wall nearby, then go southwest until you appear in Route 214.

How do I get into turnback cave?

To get there, the player character must go to Veilstone City. Then goes to the south exit, which is Route 214. Go down a bit, then go to the little opening the player character sees to the east. Run east and north on that path until the player character reaches Sendoff Spring.

What level Pokemon do you need to beat elite 4 diamond?

level 50
The Elite Four is more challenging if the trainer’s team is underleveled. All Pokémon should be at least level 50, and that’s if one really wants a challenge. The ideal levels to challenge the Pokémon League are between 55 and 60-ish.

What do the numbers mean in turnback cave?

Each pillar has two numbers on it: the top number indicates which pillar the player is looking at, and the bottom indicates how many rooms have been passed through on the way to it.

Is it possible to beat the Elite Four?

The Elite Four are very deliberately tough, the final test of a trainer — to the point where often, the champion is easier to beat. Some trainers seriously struggle against the League, but it’s always doable. Especially with these tips. The most important and obvious tip is to stock up on Potions.

What do you need to be an Elite Four Pokemon?

You need Hyper Potions at least, preferably Max Potions. Those Super Potions might have been seriously useful when you started your Pokémon journey, but 50 HP isn’t going to do you much good in the big leagues. There are no PokéCenter stops here! The Elite Four will battle mercilessly, and will do anything to incapacitate your Pokémon.

When to use Hyper Potions on Elite Four Pokemon?

Don’t use all of your items in battle, if possible. Wait until you’re between Elite Four members to bring your party back to full health unless you’re about to lose the battle, because you’ll waste less items this way. Make sure you aren’t using Hyper Potions on a Pokémon that still has 80% of its HP left.

What should I do before the Pokemon League?

Use type advantages! Rare candies are… well, rare, in the Pokémon games, but you should be able to pick up a couple on your journey. Before the Pokémon League is the perfect time to use them on your Pokémon if you’ve forgotten they were there. Level them up and give yourself that extra boost.

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