When did the era of Precambrian begin and end?

When did the era of Precambrian begin and end?

4,600 million years ago – 541 (+/- 1) million years ago

What year did the Precambrian era start?

about 4.6 billion years ago
Precambrian, period of time extending from about 4.6 billion years ago (the point at which Earth began to form) to the beginning of the Cambrian Period, 541 million years ago.

How long did the Precambrian era last in years?

approximately 4.059 billion years
The Precambrian Era lasted approximately 4.059 billion years.

What started the Precambrian era?

4,600 million years ago

What was the shortest era?

The Quaternary spans from 2.58 million years ago to present day, and is the shortest geological period in the Phanerozoic Eon.

What ended the Precambrian era?

541 (+/- 1) million years ago

What major event ended the Precambrian era?

the Cambrian explosion
The Precambrian ended with a mass extinction, which paved the way for the Cambrian explosion.

What organisms lived in Precambrian time?

Most of the life that existed during the Precambrian Time span were prokaryotic single celled organisms. There is actually a pretty rich history of bacteria and related unicellular organisms within the fossil record. In fact, it is now thought that the first types of unicellular organisms were extremophiles in the Archaean domain.

What was the climate like during Precambrian time?

Towards the end of the Precambrian Time period, much more diversity evolved. The earth was undergoing somewhat rapid climate changes, going from completely frozen over to mild to tropical and back to freezing.

What plants were there in the Precambrian era?

As the forests thinned, grasses began to spread out over the plains of North America and savannas covered the land in the middle of the continent. Among the common plant life were pines, mosses, oaks and grasses.

What is the timeline of the Cambrian Period?

Nestled in the Phanerozoic Eon and more specifically, the Paleozoic Era, the Cambrian Period is a period of time on the prehistoric timeline that runs from about 541 million years to about 485 million years ago.

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