When was Jermain Wesley born?

When was Jermain Wesley born?

February 5, 1813
Jermain Wesley Loguen/Date of birth

Once hailed as the “Underground Railroad King,” Jermain Wesley Loguen was born on February 5, 1813, into slavery in Davidson County, Tennessee.

What did Jermain Wesley Loguen do?

Jermain Wesley Loguen (February 5, 1813 – September 30, 1872), born Jarm Logue, in slavery, was an African-American abolitionist and bishop of the African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church, and an author of a slave narrative.

Who is Reverend JW loguen?

The Rev. Jermain Wesley Loguen was a pioneering figure in early nineteenth-century abolitionism and African American literature. A highly respected leader in the AME Zion Church, Rev. Loguen was popularly known as the “Underground Railroad King” in Syracuse, where he helped over 1,500 fugitives escape from slavery.

Where did rev Jermain loguen live?

Loguen lived at 293 East Genesee Street from 1848-1850. By the 1850s, this was the most important Underground Railroad safe house in Syracuse and soon gained the nicknames “King of the Underground Railroad” and “prince of the Underground Railroad.”

Where was Jermain Wesley Loguen born and raised?

Jermain Wesley Loguen was born around 1814 in Davidson County, Tennessee, to an enslaved mother named Jane (who was later renamed Cherry) and her white master, David Logue.

Who was rev.j.w.loguen and what did he do?

Loguen became a popular abolitionist speaker and authored an autobiography, The Rev. J. W. Loguen, as a Slave and as a Freeman, a Narrative of Real Life (1859). The wife of his former master, Sarah Logue, wrote Loguen demanding $1000 compensation.

Who was j.w.loguen, as a slave and as a Freeman?

The Rev. J. W. Loguen, as a Slave and as a Freeman (1859) is a third-person account detailing Loguen’s early life in slavery, his escape northward, and his ministerial and abolitionist activities in New York state and Canada. The biography was published anonymously, but scholarly sources generally attribute Loguen as the author.

What did Jermain Loguen do after the rescue?

After the rescue, several people accused Loguen of assaulting a federal marshal and encouraging the violence of others. Although Loguen admitted he was at the planning of the rescue, he denied participating in the storming of the building or committing any type of violence.

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