Where did Michael Sweeney live?

Where did Michael Sweeney live?

Michael Sweeney (born 1952) is an ASCAP award-winning American composer[1] and musician. He lives in Shorewood, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States.

Where did Michael Sweeney grow up?

Born in Buffalo, Mr. Sweeney grew up mostly in Chicago, where he graduated from high school and immediately started playing in country bands there. One of the bands he played for was fronted by his future mother-in-law. He married the former Kimberly Strawbridge in 1988.

What college did Michael Sweeney go to?

Indiana University (Bloomington)
Sweeney is a 1977 graduate of Indiana University (Bloomington), where he earned a bachelor’s degree in music education and studied composition with Bernard Heiden, John Eaton and Donald Erb.

What does Mike Sweeney do now?

Michael John Sweeney (born July 22, 1973) is a former Major League Baseball designated hitter and first baseman. Sweeney played his first 13 seasons in the majors with the Kansas City Royals, first as a catcher, then at first base and designated hitter. He now works as a special assistant for the Kansas City Royals.

How old is Mike Sweeney?

74 years (September 15, 1947)
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Is Michael Sweeney married?

Michael is married to Peter Eliot Weiss, who is a writer and a professor of Technical Communication at University of Toronto, Engineering.

Who are the presenters on Radio Manchester?


  • Allan Beswick (Saturday – Sunday nights)
  • Stacey Copeland (Sunday afternoons, Tuesday evenings, cover)
  • Mark Crossley (Breakfast sport)
  • Justin Moorhouse (Friday breakfast, Saturday mornings, cover)
  • Natalie Pike (Talking Balls)
  • Mike Shaft (Sunday breakfast)
  • Mike Sweeney (Monday – Thursday daytime)

Who is Mike Toolan?

Mike is the director and founder of Sell Me TV Ltd which devises television formats, most notably “Sell Me The Answer” – a unique game show which was commissioned by Sky One and in numerous other territories around the world including India and Germany.

How old is Brian Balmages?

46 years (January 24, 1975)
Brian Balmages/Age
As of 2021 Brian Balmages is 46 years old, lives in Lutherville, Maryland, married to his wife Lisa and the father of a boy and a girl, he also continues his job at the music company.

Why is Becky Want Not on Radio Manchester?

Becky had been covering Chelsea Norris’ maternity leave on breakfast, but who announced earlier this year that she would not be returning to the BBC show after the birth of her second child. Now, the breakfast slot will be taken on by one of Chelsea’s former Key 103 colleagues, Michelle Dignan.

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