Where do you find Cryo in fossil fighters champions?

Where do you find Cryo in fossil fighters champions?

glacier dig sites
Cryo is the only vivosaur discovered in Antarctica. This likely contributed to its ice-themed design. It is found at glacier dig sites in both Fossil Fighters and Fossil Fighters: Champions.

Where is Alio in fossil fighters?

Alio (アリオン Alion) is a Water-type vivosaur that was introduced in Fossil Fighters….Game locations.

Game Location
Fossil Fighters Rivet Ravine—Area 2
Fossil Fighters: Champions Rainbow Canyon (Blue)

How do you get fossil points in Fossil Fighters?

Don’t worry just a tutorial. LP- Life Points FP- fossil power used to take actions After Joe encourages you to be better than him and lets you keep the medal You and Todd pledge to become fossil fighters Two Years Later….

What happens when you beat Ned Fossil Fighter?

Entering the fighter station you get called over by some guy Ned. If you beat him you learn colored fossil rocks. I easily beat him with the same team I fought Todd. This new ability lets you see the color of fossils as you did them up so you can tell what elemental type the fossil is. You can also now dig up diamonds and double pearls.

Where do you change your name in Fossil Fighters?

Talk to todd and rupert to see Rupert wipe the floor with Todd Then you get paged and find out you are fighting todd. Back in town you can now enter the guild and visit the shops. On the far left talk to the guy to change your icon, on the far right to change your name. Go straight up for the shop.

What kind of medals do you get in Fossil Fighters?

Joe lends you one of his Dino Medals, pick one: Aerosteon – close-range attack Toba /titanosaur- long-range defense Tsintaosarus – close-range speed support Dimetrodon – mid-range speed defense accuracy I chose Aerosteon. You throw the medal and out pops your choice as you fight the allosaurus.

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