Where is Valley Windworks in Pokemon Platinum?

Where is Valley Windworks in Pokemon Platinum?

Geography. The Valley Windworks is a large wind farm situated in a windy valley close to Mt. Coronet, so as to generate as much electricity as possible. It is located just off Route 205, a short walk east from Floaroma Town.

How do you get to Eterna City in Pokemon Platinum?

Go to Eterna Gym, which is at the southern end of the town. Obtain the Forest Badge and TM Magical Leaf. Now that you’ve got the Forest Badge, you can use Cut outside battle. Cut the thin tree in front of the northwest building and enter the building.

What day does Drifloon appear in platinum?

After defeating Team Galactic, a Drifloon will appear in front of the Valley Windworks building. It will appear every Friday and will be gone the next day. So if you want to catch it, wait until Friday or change the day of your Nintendo DS. Drifloon will be at Level 22.

How do you get the key in Floaroma Town?

Get Works Key! It’s to the north of Floaroma Town. You find two Team Galactic Grunts attempting to snatch the Honey from the owner of the meadow. Defeat both of them to free the owner. The owner hands you the Works Key, which is the key to the facility in Valley Windworks.

Where do you get Valley windworks in Pokemon platinum?

Free Valley Windworks! Come back here when you get the Works Key at Floaroma Meadow. Open the entrance door and go into the facility. The Galactic Grunt who shut the door runs away. Head to the last room defeating Galactic Grunts to meet Mars, one of the three Commanders. Defeat Mars, who uses a Zubat and a Purugly.

Where are the wind turbines in Pokemon Bulbapedia?

From Bulbapedia, the community-driven Pokémon encyclopedia. “Wild Missingno. appeared!” Numerous wind turbines stand in the vicinity of the Valley Windworks. Winds blowing through the canyon feed the wind turbines to generate clean electricity. Location of Valley Windworks in Sinnoh.

When does the wind blow in Pokemon Diamond?

Mars of Team Galactic tries to take over the station to harness its energy, but is chased away by the player of Pokémon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum. On Fridays, the wind blows a single wild Drifloon to the plant, although not if Team Galactic still occupies it.

Where are the grunts in Valley windworks Bulbapedia?

One Galactic Grunt will be standing guard in front of the door to the power plant. When defeated, he will run inside and lock the door, which will not open unless unlocked by the Works Key, one of which is held by a Grunt in Floaroma Meadow. In order to rescue the plant worker, Mars must be defeated.

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