Which is the second largest river in Maharashtra?

Which is the second largest river in Maharashtra?

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. The Godavari (IAST: Godāvarī [ɡod̪aːʋəɾiː]) is India’s second longest river after the Ganga and third largest in India, drains about 10% of India’s total geographical area. Its source is in Triambakeshwar, Nashik, Maharashtra.

Which is the largest river in the Maharashtra?

river Godavari
The river Godavari is the largest of the peninsular rivers of India. Maharashtra is home for its early flows and Godavari for Maharashtra is no less than Ganga….Godavari Basin in Maharashtra: A Profile.

Length of River & its major tributaries (Source: Krishna Basin Profile by CWC) S.No 1
Name of River Godavari
Length (km) 1465
Catchment Area (sq km) 312812

Which is the first longest river in Maharashtra?

River Godavari with a length of 1465 km is the longest river of peninsular India. It originates from Nashik in Maharashtra. The left bank tributaries of the Godavari are Banganga, Kadva, Shivana, and Purna and the right bank tributaries are Nasardi, Darna, and Pravara.

Which is smallest river in Maharashtra?

Pravara is the smallest of the major tributaries of Godavari river located in Maharashtra, India….Pravara River.

Country India
State Maharashtra
District Ahmednagar
Cities Sangamner, Nevasa

Which is the 2nd longest river in India?

The Godavari
The Godavari is India’s second longest river after the Ganga.

Which is the longest river in Maharashtra India?

Godavari, the longest river in peninsular India (total length-1465 km.),is also the longest river in Maharashtra.

Which is the second largest river in India?

About: The second largest river in India, Godavari is often referred to as the Vriddh (Old) Ganga or the Dakshin (South) Ganga.The river runs almost for a length of 1,465 km and has a total catchment area of 31mha. The river flows in the eastward direction through the states of Maharashtra and joins the Bay of Bengal in Andhra Pradesh.

Where does the Hivra River flow in Maharashtra?

Flows Through: Aurangabad and Jalgaon district of Maharashtra. The Hivra River passes by Vadi, Banoti, Varthan, Ghorkund, Mhashikotha, Khadakdeola, Sarola, and Pachora. Read More… Origin/ Source: Ghats of Dandakaranya range, village Mardiguda, Thuamula Rampur Block, Kalahandi district, Odisha

Which is the most famous city of lakes in Maharashtra?

Out of all the cities which are famous for the lakes, Thane stands out. The city has been named the ‘city of lakes’ having a reservoir of 30 lakes. The important lakes which are situated in the state are: Talao Pali Lake, also known as the Masunda Talao, is the most beautiful lake of the state and the most crowded one too.

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