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Who is the bassist for Dream Theater?

Who is the bassist for Dream Theater?

John Myung
Dream Theater/Bassists
John Myung ’86 studied bass guitar at Berklee and is best known as the bassist for the wildly popular progressive metal band Dream Theater.

Is John Myung good?

Simply put, John Myung is a vastly talented, perfectly rounded musician driven by purpose, who lets his playing speak for himself and for whom his band’s musical integrity is of paramount importance, and as such is without a shadow of a doubt the greatest metal bassist in the world right now – or ever before.

Does John Myung have children?

Personal Life. Due to his shy and private nature, very little is known about John Myung’s private life or habits, excepting what is already known about his fierce dedication to playing bass. Myung is married to Lisa Myung (formerly of the band Meanstreak)and the pair have at least two children.

What AMP does John Myung use?

Amplification and effects 2011: A simplified rig including a shure wireless, Radial Splitter, Demeter HBP-1j Preamp, Tour Supply Multiselector, Fractal Audio Axe Fx, Demeter VTDB-2B DI, Demeter Tube Poweramp, Radial Jdx and also a Demeter cabinet as a dummy load for the poweramp going into the radial jdx.

What tuning does John Myung use?

Generally Dream Theater does play in standard tuning. Even when they do play in drop tunings Myung pretty much stays in standard. There are some songs, such as A Rite of Passage and Endless Sacrifice, where he does tune his B string up to a D.

Is Jordan Rudess rich?

Jordan Rudess net worth: Jordan Rudess is an American keyboardist and composer who has a net worth of $25 million. Jordan Rudess was born in Great Neck, New York in November 1956. He is best known for being a member of the band Dream Theater as well as the super group Liquid Tension Experiment.

Does John Myung use a pick?

The songs “These Walls” and “The Dark Eternal Night” feature Myung using a pick. Myung uses both tapping and fingerstyle to play the Chapman Stick. Petrucci has said that when he and Myung were at Berklee, they had an agreement to practice at least six hours every day.

What kind of bass does John Myung Play?

Bongo 6-string basses
Myung plays custom Music Man Bongo 6-string basses. The basses have a standard body size with a 5-string bass neck for closer string spacing.

Who is John Myung of Dream Theater married to?

Myung is married to Lisa Martens Pace, the bass player in the defunct all-female heavy metal band Meanstreak. Two other members of the band, Rena Sands and Marlene Apuzzo, are married to Petrucci and Portnoy, respectively.

Who is the lead singer of Dream Theater?

John Ro Myung (/ˈmaɪ.əŋ/; born January 24, 1967) is an American bassist and a founding member of the progressive metal group Dream Theater.

Is it true that John Myung does not speak?

This has led some fans to joke that no one has ever heard Myung speak, or that he writes the lyrics for all of Dream Theater’s instrumental songs. However, he does speak in DVD commentaries and on his instructional video known as “Progressive Bass Concepts”, as well as to fans he meets at live shows.

Where did John Myung Go to high school?

After graduating from high school, he and Petrucci enrolled at the Berklee College of Music, where they met Mike Portnoy. The trio became the nucleus of Dream Theater, which became Myung’s primary professional focus. Myung mainly uses a two or three finger picking style in his playing.

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