Who started Operation Cast Lead?

Who started Operation Cast Lead?

At 11:30 am on 27 December 2008, Israel launched the campaign titled Operation Cast Lead. It began with an opening wave of airstrikes in which F-16 fighter jets and AH-64 Apache attack helicopters simultaneously struck 100 preplanned targets within a span of 220 seconds.

What started the 2014 Gaza conflict?

According to the Israeli government, the operation began in response to the launch of over 100 rockets at Israel during a 24-hour period, an attack by Gaza militants on an Israeli military patrol jeep within Israeli borders, and an explosion caused by IEDs, which occurred near Israeli soldiers, on the Israeli side of a …

Where is the Gaza wall?

The Gaza–Israel barrier is a border barrier constructed by Israel on the Israeli side of the Gaza–Israel border. There are two main crossing points on the Israel-Gaza border: the northern Erez Crossing and the eastern Karni Crossing used only for cargo.

How many Gaza wars were there?

Gaza War (2008–2009), also known as Operation Cast Lead, the Gaza Massacre, and the Battle of al-Furqan. 2012 Israeli operation in the Gaza Strip, or Operation Pillar of Defense. 2014 Gaza War, or Operation Protective Edge. 2021 Israel–Palestine crisis.

What is the Intifada movement?

An intifada (Arabic: انتفاضة‎ intifāḍah) is a rebellion or uprising, or a resistance movement. It is a key concept in contemporary Arabic usage referring to a legitimate uprising against oppression.

Why did Israel occupy Gaza?

Israel captured Gaza, along with the West Bank and east Jerusalem, in the 1967 Mideast war. The Palestinians want all three territories to form their future state. The first Palestinian intifada, or uprising, erupted in Gaza in 1987 — the same year Hamas was founded — and later spread to the other occupied territories.

What does Hamas stand for?

Hamas (UK: /hæˈmæs, ˈhæmæs/, US: /hɑːˈmɑːs, ˈhɑːmɑːs/; Arabic: حماس‎, romanized: Ḥamās, IPA: [ħaˈmaːs]; an acronym of حركة المقاومة الإسلامية Ḥarakat al-Muqāwamah al-ʾIslāmiyyah, “Islamic Resistance Movement”) is a Palestinian Sunni-Islamic fundamentalist, militant, and nationalist organization.

Was the first intifada violent?

The First Intifada, or First Palestinian Intifada (also known simply as the intifada or intifadah), was a sustained series of Palestinian protests and violent riots in the West Bank, Gaza Strip, and within Israel.

Why did Israel build a wall in Palestine?

Israel describes the wall as a necessary security barrier against terrorism; Palestinians call it a racial segregation or apartheid wall. It has been argued that the wall serves to undermine peace negotiations by unilaterally establishing new de facto borders.

When did Israel start the attack on Gaza?

PHOTO: Israel’s use of white phosphorus munitions in densely populated urban areas of Gaza during Operation Cast Lead was internationally criticized. (Reuters) On December 27, 2008, Israel launched Operation Cast Lead, a massive, 22-day military assault on the Gaza Strip.

What did Israel do in Operation Cast Lead?

The Israel Air Force (“IAF”) targeted military objectives, including the headquarters from which Hamas planned and initiated operations against Israel, command posts, training camps and weapons stores used in the planning, preparation, guidance and execution of terrorist attacks. […]

Where was the Gaza Strip during the war?

On 21 September 2012, the United Nations Human Rights Council concluded that 75% of civilian homes destroyed in the attack were not rebuilt. The Gaza Strip is a coastal strip of land on the eastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea bordering Egypt and Israel.

What was the purpose of the cast lead War?

The Gaza War, also known as Operation Cast Lead (מִבְצָע עוֹפֶרֶת יְצוּקָה‎), was a 22-day armed conflict between Palestinians in the Gaza Strip and Israel that began on December 27, 2008, and ended on January 18, 2009. Israel’s stated goal was to stop indiscriminate Palestinian rocket fire into Israel and weapons smuggling into the Gaza Strip.

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