Who trained Paul Cezanne?

Who trained Paul Cezanne?

Camille Pissarro
In Paris, Cézanne met the Impressionist Camille Pissarro. Initially, the friendship formed in the mid-1860s between Pissarro and Cézanne was that of master and disciple, in which Pissarro exerted a formative influence on the younger artist.

What education did Paul Cezanne have?

Aix-Marseille University1858–1861
Université Paul Cézanne Aix-Marseille IIIAcadémie Suisse
Paul Cézanne/Education

What is Cezanne famous for?

Post-Impressionist French painter Paul Cézanne is best known for his incredibly varied painting style, which greatly influenced 20th-century abstract art.

What movement was Paul Cezanne part of?

Modern artCubismPost-Impressionism
Paul Cézanne/Periods

Paul Cézanne was a French Post-Impressionist painter, whose works influenced the development of many 20th-century art movements, especially Cubism.

What is Cézanne famous for?

Why is Cézanne so famous?

What is Paul Cézanne famous for? Paul Cézanne is known for his search for solutions to problems of representation. Such landscapes as Mont Sainte-Victoire (c. 1902–06) have the radical quality of simultaneously representing deep space and flat design.

Who was Paul Cezanne and what did he do?

Paul Cézanne. Written By: Paul Cézanne, (born January 19, 1839, Aix-en-Provence, France—died October 22, 1906, Aix-en-Provence), French painter, one of the greatest of the Post-Impressionists, whose works and ideas were influential in the aesthetic development of many 20th-century artists and art movements, especially Cubism.

How did Paul Cezanne teach Emile Zola to look?

Years later, in 1866, in his dedication to Cézanne of his Salon de 1866, Zola reminded his friend that “we have been talking about art and literature for the past ten years.” Cézanne shared Zola’s enthusiasm for the Romantic poets and gladly saw himself as a poet, while Zola enjoyed drawing and actually won the drawing prize at their school.

How old was Paul Cezanne when he married Hortense?

The year 1886 was a turning point for the family. Cézanne married Hortense. In that year also, Cézanne’s father died, leaving him the estate purchased in 1859; he was 47. By 1888 the family was in the former manor, Jas de Bouffan, a substantial house and grounds with outbuildings, which afforded a new-found comfort.

How did Paul Cezanne influence Picasso and Gleizes?

Cézanne’s explorations of geometric simplification and optical phenomena inspired Picasso, Braque, Metzinger, Gleizes, Gris and others to experiment with ever more complex views of the same subject and eventually to the fracturing of form.

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