WHO WAS A on Pretty Little Liars finale?

WHO WAS A on Pretty Little Liars finale?

Alex Drake
Game over, PLL fans—we finally know who A is. And she looks pretty familiar. Pretty Little Liars viewers learned in the series finale Tuesday night that A.D. is Alex Drake — Spencer’s British twin sister.

What happens at the end of PLL Season 7?

The Liars then say goodbye to one another as Aria leaves for her honeymoon with Ezra. Mona moves to Paris and the “cop” is revealed to be her boyfriend who has imprisoned Alex and Mary in her basement dollhouse. In the finale moment, a new set of liars are awakened to find their leader, Addison, has just gone missing.

Does Toby and Spencer break up?

The only thing Spencer says is “He’s gone” while beginning to cry. At the end, A is burning a picture of Spencer and Toby making out, meaning that A has successfully broken them up. In “A Kiss Before Lying,” Spencer and Aria are in Spencer’s house discussing their relationship issues.

Is Pretty Little Liars a scary show?

In short pretty little liars is rated a 12, although in the earlier seasons there are more ‘scary’ things ( like a body being hung by a rope round it’s neck and blood) it’s mainly psychological. The idea that somone is always there and knows everything, who has all power over you (stalking) plays with your mind.

When will season 7 of Pretty Little Liars be on Netflix?

Last month, Netflix announced Pretty Little Liars season 7 B will be released on the streaming service on Thursday, July 20, 2017. They did not announce what time exactly the final ten episodes would be available to stream, but we have you covered. Pretty Little Liars season 7 B will be released on Netflix at 12:01 a.m. Pacific Time on July 20.

Will there be second season of Pretty Little Liars?

Pretty Little Liars (season 2) The second season of Pretty Little Liars, based on the books of the same name by Sara Shepard , premiered on June 14, 2011 and concluded on March 19, 2012 on ABC Family. On January 10, 2011, ABC Family renewed the series for a second season.

Is ‘Pretty Little Liars’ leaving Netflix?

It’s truly the end of an era: Pretty Little Liars is officially leaving Netflix. The streaming service announced the sad news on Sunday, June 16, writing on Twitter that the Freeform Freeform is an American basic cable channel owned by Walt Disney Television, a unit of Disney Media Networks and a part of The Walt Disney Company. Freeform primarily broadcasts programming geared toward teenagers and young adults – with some programming skewing toward young women – in t… series will be making its departure on July 27. Currently, all seven seasons are available on Netflix. Jun 16 2019

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