Who was the first friend Ender made in Battle School?

Who was the first friend Ender made in Battle School?

When Shen first came to Battle School, Ender Wiggin was in the same launch group as him, and his only friend.

How old is ender in Battle School?

six years old
At six years old he enters battle school and begins preparation for the bugger war. While in battle school Ender excels in simulation games of battles and is quickly promoted to higher levels in his training.

How many armies are in Ender’s Game?

Most Battle School boys remain launchies for two years, but Ender is promoted to Salamander Army after just a few months. From the time of Ender’s promotion, he participates in four armies: Salamander, Rat, Phoenix, and Dragon.

What is the name of Ender’s sister?

Valentine Wiggin
Valentine Wiggin is Ender’s elder sister, being the middle child of the Wiggin family. Rejected from Battle School for her overwhelming compassion, she serves as the intermediary between Ender and Peter during the former’s childhood.

What is ender afraid of?

Ender. Ender is afraid of his brother and loves his sister.

Is Ender a hero or a villain?

Ender is hailed as a hero, but he is stricken with guilt for having unknowingly committed genocide. Valentine informs him that in the wake of the war, he would never be allowed to return to Earth due to her actions to protect him from Peter, who was becoming a major political force on Earth.

How old is Ender Dragon Army?

nine years old
By this time Ender is nine years old and a platoon leader in Phoenix Army under Petra’s command. Everyone respects his brilliance and his practice sessions are attended by many, but he is depressed and is stuck in the mind game.

Who are the main characters in Ender’s game?

After his return to Earth, he is eventually elected Caliph of a unified Muslim world. Bean is a student of Greek and Igbo descent from the streets of Rotterdam. Though the smallest and youngest member of the jeesh, he is also the smartest and most fair-minded person.

What did Ender say to Bean in Ender’s game?

In the original short story version of Ender’s Game, Ender held a low opinion of him: in the novel, when Bean was transferred into Rabbit Army, Ender says, “How can they put you under an idiot like Carby!”, but in the expanded novel Ender’s reply is, “Carby’s a good man; I hope he recognizes you for what you’re worth.”

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How did Crazy Tom get his name in Ender’s game?

Crazy Tom is a British student. He is a veteran soldier who leads “C” Toon in Dragon Army. He got his nickname due to his temperament, as he couldn’t stand to work under commanders that he considered being stupid. He wrecked rooms and once sent a message to every kid in the school about how bad his commander was.

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