Who was the last original temptation to die?

Who was the last original temptation to die?

Otis Williams
Franklin died on February 23, 1995, leaving Otis Williams, then 53, as the last surviving original member of the quintet. Williams is the co-author, with Patricia Romanowski, of Temptations, a 1988 book that served as both his autobiography and a history of the group.

Who died from the original Temptations?

Bruce Williamson
Bruce Williamson, the former lead singer of The Temptations, has died. He was 49. The singer passed away Sunday night at his home in Las Vegas after a battle with COVID-19, according to TMZ.

What happened to Paul Williams?

Death. On August 17, 1973, Williams was found dead inside a car parked in an alley having just left the new house of his then-girlfriend after an argument. A gun was found near his body. His death was ruled as an apparent suicide.

How much is the Four Tops worth?

The Four Tops became one of the biggest-selling groups in the 1960s, as by the end of the decade, they produced a string of hits. To date, they have sold over 50 million records worldwide….Levi Stubbs Net Worth.

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How did Melvin from the Temptations die?

On February 15, 1995, after a series of seizures, Melvin collapsed into a coma and remained unconscious until his death on February 23, 1995.

How many of the temptations are still alive?

Otis Williams (Alive) Otis Williams is the only remaining living member of the group who is still touring under The Temptations banner. Williams is alive and well and according to The Temptations’ official website, he will be hitting the road for a few dates next year at the age of 76.

How did Otis Williams of the Temptations die?

The circumstances surrounding Williams’s death caused the Williams family to suspect that some form of foul play was the actual cause of Williams’s death. According to the coroner, Williams had used his right hand to shoot himself on the left side of his head.

Who are the cast members of the Temptations?

The Temptations would now consist of Otis Williams, Melvin Franklin, Paul Williams, Eddie Kendricks, and David Ruffin; the success that would follow the group would result in what would, in later years, be frequently referred to as the “Classic Five” lineup.

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