Who was the leader of an 1831 slave rebellion in Virginia?

Who was the leader of an 1831 slave rebellion in Virginia?

Nat Turner’s
Nat Turner’s Slave Uprising Left Complex Legacy. A string of recent events has brought the leader of an 1831 slave rebellion back into the news. Nat Turner was an African-American slave preacher in Virginia who led the bloodiest slave rebellion in American history.

Who led the slave rebellion in Southampton County VA in 1831?

Nathanial “Nat” Turner
Nathanial “Nat” Turner (1800-1831) was an enslaved man who led a rebellion of enslaved people on August 21, 1831. His action set off a massacre of up to 200 Black people and a new wave of oppressive legislation prohibiting the education, movement, and assembly of enslaved people.

Who started a slave rebellion in 1831?

Nat Turner’s Rebellion, 1831. Driven by prophetic visions and joined by a host of followers — but with no clear goals — on August 22, 1831, Turner and about 70 armed slaves and free blacks set off to slaughter the white neighbors who enslaved them.

What was the rebellion of 1831?

Baptist War

Christmas Rebellion
Date December 25, 1831 – 4 January 1832 Location Colony of Jamaica Result Slave defeat
United Kingdom Colony of Jamaica Rebel slaves
Commanders and leaders

What were the reasons for the Nat Turner’s rebellion?

Origins. While the oppressive system of slavery provides the essential backdrop for the revolt, Nat Turner described his motivation for the Southampton slave revolt in religious terms. Little is known about Turner beyond what Thomas R. Gray published in The Confessions of Nat Turner.

What are the causes of Kol rebellion?

The Kol uprising, Kol rebellion, also known in British records as the Kol mutiny was a revolt of the adivasi Kol people of Chhota Nagpur during 1829-1839 as a reaction to economic exploitation brought on by the systems of land tenure and administration that had been introduced by the East India Company.

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