Who won the first and second Opium War?

Who won the first and second Opium War?

Great Britain
Great Britain and France won the second Opium War. China’s concessions included legalizing the opium trade and providing for the opening of more ports in China, foreign travel in the Chinese interior, residence for Western envoys in Beijing, and freedom of movement for Christian missionaries.

What did China do that sparked the First Opium War?

Chinese resistance The Chinese wanted to stop the trade. In May 1839 they forced the British Chief Superintendent of Trade in China, Charles Elliott, to hand over the stocks of opium at Canton for destruction. This outraged the British, and was the incident that sparked conflict.

What was China like in 1850?

The Chinese Economy in 1850. There is very good evidence to suggest that the Chinese economy did pretty well in the 18th century. The economy was overwhelmingly agricultural and had become specialised with considerable evidence of flows of trade along the main river systems and the coast.

Why was the First Opium War fought in China?

European commercial interests sought to end the trading barriers, but China fended off repeated efforts by Britain to reform the trading system. Increasing sales of Indian opium to China by British traders led to the First Opium War (1839–1842).

Who was the winner of the Second Opium War?

The Second Opium War was fought between the Qing and Britain and France, 1856–1860. In each war, the European force’s modern military technology led to easy victory over the Qing forces, with the consequence that the government was compelled to grant favorable tariffs, trade concessions, reparations and territory to the Europeans.

How big was the opium trade in the Opium War?

First Opium War. By 1787, the British were sending 4,000 chests – one chest weighed 170 lbs – of opium to China. The Chinese Emperor passed many decrees/edicts against opium in 1729, 1799, 1814 and 1831, but the trade flourished. Even some Americans entered the trade by bringing opium from Turkey into China.

Who was the British commander in the Opium Wars?

British bombardment of Canton from the surrounding heights, 29 May 1841. Watercolour painting by Edward H. Cree (1814–1901), Naval Surgeon to the Royal Navy. The Opium Wars ( simplified Chinese: 鸦片战争; traditional Chinese: 鴉片戰爭) were two wars waged between the Qing dynasty and Western powers in the mid-19th century.

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