Why did people settle in Hartford?

Why did people settle in Hartford?

In 1636, the English arrived when a large group of Puritans from Massachusetts led by Thomas Hooker founded the Colony of Connecticut at the city of Hartford. They came looking for freedom of religion.

When was Hartford Connecticut established?


Who settled in Connecticut and why?

Though the Dutch began exploring Connecticut as early as 1614, the English were the first Europeans to put down roots in 1636. Under the leadership of Thomas Hooker, a prominent Puritan minister, 100 colonists established a settlement—modern-day Hartford—called the River Colony.

Why did Thomas Hooker establish Hartford?

Thomas Hooker, (born probably July 7, 1586, Markfield, Leicestershire, England—died July 7, 1647, Hartford, Connecticut [U.S.]), prominent British American colonial clergyman known as “the father of Connecticut.” Seeking independence from other Puritan sects in Massachusetts, Thomas Hooker and his followers established …

Who was the first person to settle in Hartford Connecticut?

Who founded Hartford and when? About 100 Puritans, led by the Rev. Thomas Hooker, created a settlement on the banks of the Connecticut River in June 1636. Though this became Hartford, Hooker and his followers were not the first Europeans on the scene.

How did the settlement of Hartford get its money?

The Settlement of Hartford. A “lectureship,” as it was styled, was a salaried appointment as preacher supplementary to the legal incumbent of the parish. Its income was derived usually from the gifts of the generous, for the “lecturer” had no claim to the ordinary church tithes and taxes recognized by the State.

Why did the founders of Hartford leave England?

To understand the reasons which led the founders of Hartford to leave their English homes and to cross the Atlantic to what was then a wilderness scantily occupied by Indian tribes, we must picture to ourselves a very different state of affairs from that which exists in England or in the United States today.

What kind of people lived in Hartford Connecticut?

The Saukiogs (Black Earth) occupied the Hartford area before Europeans arrived. The Podunks lived across the Connecticut River in what is now East Hartford, Glastonbury, and South Windsor. The Tunxis tribe lived to the west, in what is now the Farmington area.

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