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Why do we go to school until 18?

Why do we go to school until 18?

The primary rationale behind raising the compulsory school attendance age to 18 is the belief that it will decrease the number of students who drop out and increase the number of students who graduate.

Can an 18 year old excuse themselves from school?

Although 18-year-old students have the power to excuse themselves, an absence will not be excused unless it is in one of the categories listed on the district website. “If you said ‘I have the right to write the note,’ of course you do, [but] here in the student planner, are the reasons you can excuse yourself.

How do you convince someone to stay in high school?

How to Convince Your Teen to Stay in School

  1. Listen to His Point of View. There might be a strong reason behind your teen taking such an extreme step.
  2. Rectify the Problems.
  3. Approach Teachers for Support.
  4. Give Him a Glimpse of His Future.

How do you encourage a teenager to stay in school?

What happens to high school dropouts?

Incarceration. Not finishing high school doesn’t only impact a student’s future income. Dropouts are also more likely to be incarcerated in prison. While less than 0.1 percent of bachelor’s degree holders were imprisoned, 1 percent of high school graduates and 6.3 percent of dropouts were imprisoned.

Do you stay in school until the age of 18?

Students are already usually in their senior year when they turn 18 years old. It would make sense if they stay in school until the age of 18. Students are already so close to getting their diploma and it could help them in the future by getting better jobs and making more money. Yea so you know that thing called problems, Like climate change?

How old should a student be to drop out of school?

And I think that students should stay in school until they are 18 years old because if they dropout it can affect there future. For an example they could not get a high earning job or they might go to jail because they dropped out.

Why do students need to stay in school?

Plus many jobs require at least a high-school diploma. This is why students should stay in school They will get better job opportunity if they do and get into a good collage they can get accepted to get an associate degree in collage and that would help them to at least become a dental hygienists.

Is it good for a 14 year old to leave school?

If they leave at 15, They are more likely to surround themselves with like minded people that influence them to not try and do better. 14-15 year olds are going through puberty where their behaviour is generally irrational. It’s beneficial for not only them but the people around them.

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