Why does the driver laugh at the end of the destructors?

Why does the driver laugh at the end of the destructors?

The lorry driver’s laughter suggests that the boy’s hostility to the old pre-war world of strict social class, and their affinity for destruction, is shared more broadly by the community of people around them as well. …

Why does t want to destroy the house in the destructors?

He didn’t want to destroy Old Misery’s house because there was no need for it to be destroyed, and because they would have gotten caught. Blackie was thinking about the consequences of his actions more than anyone else in the gang, so I believe he can be saved from complete corruption.

What is the resolution of the destructors?

What is the resolution of the destructors? Hence, the true conflict in this story is upper class vs. working class, and the resolution is the destruction of the upper class, a resolution that the truck driver finds amusing.

What is the falling action of the destructors?

The rising action includes the gathering of the boys and the actual destruction of the infrastructure of the house, the climax occurs when the boys must make a quick decision of whether to abandon the house or not, and the falling action is the complete destruction of Old Misery’s house.

Does the destructor have a happy ending?

Expert Answers No, this story doesn’t have a happy ending. It is a sad story of teenage boys whose mission is to destroy an innocent man’s home for no reason other than it is still standing in the town that has been destroyed by World War II bombing.

Who are the main characters in destructors?

The Destructors Characters

  • Trevor, or “T.” T. is a brooding, unhappy, rebellious adolescent and the newest member of the Wormsley Common Gang.
  • Blackie. Blackie is a fifteen-year-old boy who leads the Wormsley Common Gang up to and after T.’
  • Mr. Thomas, or “Old Misery”
  • The lorry driver.
  • Mike.
  • Summers.

Why did they destroy Mr Thomas House?

The destruction of Old Misery’s house served two purposes for the boys of the Wormsley Common gang: ridding themselves of an unsightly reminder of social class and garnering fame and a tougher reputation for their gang.

What is the importance in the ending of The Destructors?

I think that part of the significance of the ending is that it helps to bring out the reality of the world following the wanton destruction that was the child of World War II. The effect of the bombing on London is evident. There is nothing but destruction that surrounds the people of London.

What happens at the end of the destructors?

After the other boys leave at the end of the day, T. shows Blackie the special thing he has found: seventy one-pound notes, Mr. Thomas’s life savings. When Blackie asks if T. means to steal the money, T. responds with anger. He says, instead, that the two of them should burn the money as a celebration.

When does The Destructors by Graham Greene take place?

Set in the 1950s the story is narrated in the third person by an unnamed narrator and after reading the story the reader realises that Greene may be exploring the theme of control. When Blackie loses leadership of the gang and Trever or T. replaces him the reader senses that T. has longed for the opportunity to become leader of the gang.

How old are the characters in the destructors?

The story begins by introducing us to the Wormsley Common Gang, a group of boys ranging from nine to fifteen years of age, who live in a tough area of London and spend their summer holiday pulling pranks. They gather daily in an empty lot created when bombs dropped on England during World War 2 destroyed the houses that used to stand there.

When was the last update on the destructors?

Last Updated on May 7, 2015, by eNotes Editorial. Word Count: 608 Amid the lingering London ruins of the bombing raids of World War II, a gang of adolescent boys pass their summer holidays carrying out various projects of collective mischief.

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