Does an element only have one type of atom?

Does an element only have one type of atom?

An element is a pure substance and is made of only one type of atom; it cannot be broken down into a simpler substance.

Are elements made up of atoms True or false?

All elements are made up of atoms. ➢ Atoms are made up of protons, neutrons, and electrons. Two different kinds of atoms can combine to form a compound. A molecule is a combination of atoms that cannot be broken apart while still retaining the same properties as the larger substance that it is a part of.

Can an element have more than one atom?

An elements is a substance which is made out of atoms that all have the same proton number. So an element can consist of multiple atoms (like oxygen which goes around in pairs). An atom consists of a nucleus and some electrons.

Is the element made of only one type of atom?

An element is a particle that contains only one type of atom. Also, that atom contains a certain amount of protons for it to be that atom (eg Carbon can only contain 6 protons or it would be another element). Does and element only contain on kind of protein? An element contains no protiens. An element is made of only one type of atom.

Can a compound contain more than one kind of atom?

By definition, an Element contains only one kind of atom – atoms of that element. If it has more than one kind, it is a compound, not an element. Are iron atoms pure iron?

Why are all isotopes the same type of atom?

By one definition all the isotopes are still the same “type” of atom since they all have the same number of protons even if they differ in the number of neutrons. If the number of protons differs you no longer have the same element. Wiki User 2012-08-15 12:53:15

How are elements broken down into simpler substances?

Select all that apply. a) An element can be broken down into simpler substances. b) An element may consist of two or more of the same atoms bonded together. c) The properties of an atom of a specific element depend on the source of that element. d) An element consists of only one kind of atom. e) An element cannot contain bonded atoms.

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