How much are Baldwin upright pianos worth?

How much are Baldwin upright pianos worth?

The prices of new Baldwin pianos range from almost $10,000 to just over $14,000 depending on the finish and model of the piano.

Is a Baldwin Acrosonic piano good?

So regardless of the model you buy, the quality and sound of the piano will be excellent. That said, I would still recommend the Baldwin Acrosonic Console piano to anyone simply because it is easier to use and maintain. It also offers a superior sound quality and size at the same price as the spinet.

How old are Acrosonic pianos?

Acrosonics produced in the 60s or earlier were good quality pianos made with solid wood and good craftsmanship. Acrosonics produced in the 70s and 80s were cheaper and usually of a lesser quality.

How much is a 1974 Baldwin piano worth?


$ 2.040
$ 2.210
#322 Pine $ 1.420 $ 2.410

How much is a Baldwin acrosonic Supreme tone spinet piano worth?

When this instrument is tuned the value is $1,250.00. Figure is based on the age, condition, size, grade and rarity of this instrument. Baldwin Acrosonic Supreme Tone Spinet Piano, 36 inches tall, bearing serial number 527747, manufactured in 1953.

What are the serial numbers on a Baldwin Piano?

Baldwin vertical pianos, serial numbers: Models up to 42″ tall. 1984 – 1343955 1989 – 1453070 1994 – 1521569 1999 – 1556889 2005 – 1575074 2008 – 1577265. Vertical piano serial numbers: Model 248A Pro, 48″ tall. 1990 – 427993 1991 – 435212 1992 – 440915 1993 – 445623 1994 – See numbers below

Where did the name acrosonic piano come from?

This distinctive and exclusive name designates a line of spinet and console pianos built by the Baldwin Piano Company. Coined from the Greek word,”akros,” meaning supreme and the Latin word, “sonus,” meaning tone, the trade mark “Acrosonic” is registered in the United States Patent Office.

Where was the Baldwin grand piano first made?

The Baldwin Grand Piano, which was designed, manufactured and guaranteed by the Baldwin Company in Loveland, Ohio, is exclusively enjoyed by top tier of artists in all areas of musical expression – ranging from pianists, composers, conductors, singers, and instrumentalists – as well as outstanding symphony orchestras all over the globe.

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