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Online Backup: Choosing The Best Sites

Online Backup: Choosing The Best Sites

Online Backup: Choosing The Best Sites

Online backup is a secured mode to preserve files for a long-term. It is quite common that you and I store useful files which are in the form of documents, photos, music and videos in hard drives of personal computers or external source such as optical drives and external hard disks.

Besides having the difficulty of storing the files for a long-term, the files in your computer are prone to be affected with virus. Sometimes, the system may crash all of a sudden. Even though there are some data retrieval systems available today, you may experience loss of data for either short or long-term. Online backup tools are useful to resolve these data storage issues.

Online backup options

There are a number of free and paid services available to backup your valuable data. stands in number one slot by offering easy to store and unlimited amount of data. The website is rated number one in terms of cost, features, speed, reliability and response time. It offers the best technical and customer support. It is possible to store and retrieve all kinds of files on the website.

You can access services offered by the website directly from the website or from the user-friendly application. The website offers ‘easy to navigate’ and ‘easy to locate’ files stored by you. It is possible to save file in different versions. You can drag and drop files, avail private folder sharing and can benefit from excellent referral program. If you go for paid plan, this is the best website that offers value for money. The website is doing well especially in home user segment. offers unlimited data storage facility. The website offers cloud based storage and online backup facilities. You will be able to upload and download files at super fast rates. It offers extra services like file versioning, private file sharing, synchronization of files with computer, secure downloads and automation of back up process.

As your files are stored in cloud based technology and backup is done at regular intervals of time. You can access your data from anywhere and at anytime. The website can be considered for business use also. The site is voted for reliability and dependability. is really an excellent solution for all kinds of online backup use. You can subscribe to their services either for home or small business. The website offers best features for all your business requirements.

You can get unlimited data storage facility. With carbonite, it is easy to access files stored on the website and you can employ file encryption methods to get enhanced security. You can start your journey with carbonite by downloading the software from the website and subscribing to a suitable plan.

Even though the subscription is non-refundable, you are assured of solid service from the company. You can share files, access data at higher speeds from multiple locations and it is also possible to access files through mobiles by downloading free applications. Mobile services can be availed at no extra cost and can be accessed from iPads, iPhones, Android based smartphones and Blackberries.

Online backup takeaway

You can subscribe to online data storage service that best suits your requirements. There are multitudes of services offered through various websites. You can select a service based on key features like access speed, flexibility of access, data storage space required, reliability and support provided.

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