Sobees Desktop: A Social Network Manager

Sobees Desktop: A Social Network Manager

Sobees Desktop: A Social Network Manager

Social networking sites have become part and parcel of everyday life. As each platform offers unique features, it is necessitated to have accounts on multiple social networks. For example, Twitter offers unique features to communicate with others through short tweets. Facebook offers timeline to share your personal information and pages to broadcast your business.

Hence, it is required to manage multiple social network platforms. It should not be a daunting task to switch over from one platform to another platform. Sobees Desktop fulfills these requirements by being able to manage multiple social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn from single user interface.

Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn under one Roof

With less than half MB size, Sobees desktop is a light weight application that runs on Microsoft Windows XP and above versions. The other requirements to utilize the application are Microsoft .Net Framework and social media accounts (User Ids and passwords).

Unlike TweetDeck (a similar kind of application which supports multiple social networks) which has decided to stop support for LinkedIn, Sobees Desktop supports Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Even though the new social media manger is in beta stage, the application has good potential to fulfill the needs of active social network users. This is true for people who depend on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn for various personal and professional communications.

Pros & Cons

It is possible to customize Sobees Desktop’s layout as per your requirements. It can be adjusted as per your convenience. You can manage one to three social networking sites through the social network manager. Additionally, you can also utilize the search field and subscribe to RSS feeds.

You can arrange the layout either in horizontal or vertical direction or a combination of both. You can switch over from one application to another application until you are satisfied with a layout of your choice.

Unlike TweetDeck you cannot view contents of two social networking sites side by side. You can find icons displayed on the screen to toggle between platforms. Another disadvantage is that it is not possible to expand the area allotted for each application.

Each social network is allotted with fixed area and it cannot be expanded to view multiple screen shots. It is easy to update your status across various social networking platforms. You can search on Twitter and Sobees Desktop will point out the trending topics on twitter.

Sobees Desktop and Mobile version

You can also avail the web based Sobees Desktop application. However, you cannot expect synchronization of standalone and web application with reference to Sobees Desktop whereas with TweetDeck it is possible.

In addition to desktop application, you can avail mobile version also. Sobees Lite and Sobees MyFriends are meant for iOS enabled devices through which you can access Facebook. Sobees Social Media lets you manage both Twitter and Facebook on iPad. You can also find android application called Sobees for Twitter/Facebook.

The disadvantage with mobile applications is that you will not be able to access multiple social networking sites as you access through Sobees Desktop.

Scope for Improvement

Many improvements are expected from the social media manager, Sobees Desktop. In addition to the feasibility to access multiple platforms through mobile application, you should be able to customize the layout and the space allocated for each platform.

Many more new social media managers are expected to be launched soon as there is need for possession of multiple social networking sites by one person.

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