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What computer company did Steve Jobs view as the enemy?

What computer company did Steve Jobs view as the enemy?

Jobs did it by embracing the enemy—Microsoft (MSFT), which gave Apple a $150 million investment lifeline—and kickstarting a successful run of desktop computers, retail stores, and laptops, followed by iTunes and the iPod. You know the rest. Jobs did it by focusing Apple on only a few things, and doing them well.

What little problem did Microsoft have when meeting with IBM?

What “little problem” did Microsoft have when meeting with IBM? Microsoft didn’t have an operating system.

Why did Steve Wozniak end up in the hospital?

An aeroplane crash in 1981 left Woz with memory loss that caused him to forget the crash and his time in the hospital afterwards. Woz was piloting the plane that crashed shortly after taking off from Santa Cruz Sky Park. Thankfully, he eventually recovered from the amnesia.

What company was secretly developing the mouse?

Xerox PARC
The mouse was first patented by Douglas Engelbart in 1967, and was described as an “X-Y position indicator for a display system.” It was then further developed at Xerox PARC, which stands for Palo Alto Research Center.

How did Apple almost fail?

By the mid-90s, overpriced computers and failed products almost put Apple on the brink of disaster. A controversial $150 million partnership with Microsoft helped fund the development of the iMac, iPod, and iPhone, thus making Apple profitable.

What was the name of the company that Steve Jobs partner worked for and that they had to make sure that this company didn’t want their computer design?

Steve Jobs co-founded Apple Computers with Steve Wozniak. Under Jobs’ guidance, the company pioneered a series of revolutionary technologies, including the iPhone and iPad.

Did Apple steal the mouse?

Myth #3 : Steve Jobs stole the mouse from Xerox PARC. No! It took several years of hard work before they were able to turn the mouse into a viable tool in the Macintosh in 1984, by which time the Xerox mouse had been commercially available for several years.

Who was Apple’s first investor?

Mike Markkula
A millionaire retiree from Intel, Mike Markkula was an angel investor in Apple, actually the first investor in the company, who put $250k of his own money in the company in 1977 (roughly equivalent to $1 million today). Jobs later convinced him to actually join the company instead of just funding it.

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