What did you learn in Touching Spirit Bear?

What did you learn in Touching Spirit Bear?

The main lessons Learnt in the novel are that Healing is better than punishment, Cole learning to control his anger, and learning to forgive. In the book “Touching Spirit Bear”, The main character; Cole, had a lot of built of anger. Cole’s Father had a very big role to play in his anger because his father beats him.

What is the theme of Ghost of Spirit bear?

The book’s theme is not just about bullying and its tragic affects on victims, teachers, parents, schools, and community. Bullies can change their behavior. Victims heal and forgive.

Why did mikaelsen write Touching Spirit Bear?

” When Mikaelsen did learn to write, he secretly wrote down his angry thoughts instead of saying them, which saved him from some beatings. He wrote stories as an escape from his negative experiences, which included three revolutions in Bolivia; he saw a great deal of violence and death.

What lesson about forgiveness does Touching Spirit Bear teach us?

What lesson about forgiveness does Touching Spirit Bear teach us? The most important lesson I found in this book is that how we learn to forgive others. The book shows us that you must forgive yourself in order to move on with yourself. In the book we learn that Peter was an important part of Cole’s journey.

Is Touching Spirit Bear accurate?

In Touching Spirit Bear, Cole Matthews is an angry, out-of-control Minneapolis teen, the son of wealthy, abusive alcoholic parents, convicted of viciously beating a classmate. Ben Mikaelsen’s writing, in places, is evocative and a dead-on accurate portrayal of a troubled teen.

Why is forgiveness important in Touching Spirit Bear?

Forgiveness is important in this novel because Cole has to forgive his parents, Peter has to forgive him, and he has to forgive himself. The novel’s events occur because Cole is an angry young man. His father is abusive and his mother is alcoholic.

What is one of the main themes in Touching Spirit Bear?

Lesson Summary Major themes such as violence, personal transformation, and isolation show up in the novel Touching Spirit Bear by Ben Mikaelsen. The story follows a young man named Cole Matthews who is subjected to physical abuse at home by his father, which results in him lashing out at others.

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