What is the difference between Mega Man Battle Network 3 Blue and White?

What is the difference between Mega Man Battle Network 3 Blue and White?

White has Ground Style which is focus manipulating area in combat, while Blue has Shadow Style that have their charge attack make Megaman become invisible and invincible for a short period of time. The games also have two separate bosses working with Serenade.

How do I compress a Navi custom program?

To compress program pieces in the navi customizer, open up the navi customizer screen, and highlight the piece you wish to shrink. Hold Right on the D-pad and press the corresponding set of buttons to shrink the piece. To decompress the piece, repeat the process.

What is bubbleman weakness?

He is vulnerable to attacks when he shoots his bubbles or when he lands. His weakness, the Metal Blade, eliminates the need of jumping to attack and deals considerable damage to him.

What is bubble man?

Chandra Wisnu is thought to be one of the few people in the world with a rare skin disease which causes large, bubble-like lumps to develop all over his body. His skin has been so badly ravaged by tumors he is known as ‘The Bubble Man. And now, symptoms of this condition are appearing in his two adult children.

What kind of game is Mega Man Battle Network?

The game is essentially a cross between an RPG and an action game—or more accurately, a cross between Mega Man and a trading card game. You don’t fight battles like typical RPGs, nor do you level up via experience, but the rest of the game (as well as the battle screen shots) will have people calling it an RPG before you can blink.

Where to find mystery data in Mega Man Battle Network 3?

Mystery data comes in three colors: Green Mystery Data: Data that respawns in different locations everytime you leave the Net. These mystery data carry a moderate amount of Zenny and beginners chips. Blue Mystery Data: Data that only appears once and are found mostly in secret jack-in ports. These data contain mostly chips and programs.

How do you obtain more styles in Mega Man Battle Network?

BugStyle: Starts each battle with a series of randomly-generated bugs, including but not limited to: HP drains on Custom screen, HP drains in battle, buster stats maximized, temporary invincibility, 1HP shield at start of battle, forced to move up, forced to move down. Obtained by using a bugged NaviCust when you make a style change.

Where are the Jack in ports in Mega Man Battle Network 3?

The jack-in ports labeled in the main walkthrough are only ports encountered in the main storyline. Check every location and examine objects for these hidden jack-ins, even when it says nothing about these objects being able to jack into. If you have some free time, look over to the Job BBS in SciLab.

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