What was Themistocles battle strategy?

What was Themistocles battle strategy?

The main elements of Themistocles’ strategy are summarized as follows: All Athenians would go onboard the ships to fight in the sea. The navy would be divided into two fleets. One would remain in Attica to protect Salamis, and the second would engage the enemy at Artemision.

What was Themistocles famed for how did he save Athens?

One of the most famous naval heroes in Greek history was Themistocles, whose forward thinking and strategic mind saved Athens from destruction during the Greco-Persian Wars. Themistocles, in 483 B.C., convinced Athens to spend big on expanding the Athenian fleet, from 70 ships to 200 ships.

Did Themistocles betray Athens?

Given the continually inconsistent relationship between the various Greek states and the incoming Peloponnesian war it is perhaps not surprising that Themistocles was so willing to betray the Spartans, but it would appear that his opinion even of his fellow Athenians was very much the same.

What did Themistocles argue was important?

The war between Athens and Aegina had already lasted several years, and Themistocles argued that the Athenian ships were no match for the larger fleet of the enemy. The Athenian People’s Assembly (ekklesia) accepted this argument, but many must have seen through the proposal.

What enemies of did Greece face during the life of Themistocles?

In 481 BC, a congress of Greek city-states was held, during which 30 or so states agreed to ally themselves against the forthcoming invasion. The Spartans and Athenians were foremost in this alliance, being sworn enemies of the Persians.

Why was Themistocles a good leader?

Themistocles was an Athenian general during the Greco-Persian war who emphasized the use of the naval power and proved to be a solid example of good leadership. Themistocles displayed himself to be extremely creative tactically in his naval plans to beat the huge Persian navy.

What made Themistocles a great leader?

How did Themistocles impact the future?

In earning such praise and admiration from his peers, Themistocles was made a legend. His knowledge and wisdom in naval warfare gave Athens the upper hand against the Persian Empire and, as scholars have argued, saved the future of western civilization.

Who was the archon of Athens in 493 BC?

Themistocles Rising. In 493 BC, the Assembly elected Themistocles Eponymous Archon, the highest administrative position in Athens. At Themistocles behest, Athens began building a new port at the city of Piraeus, a location strategically well-placed for both military and commercial purposes.

Who was the vice commander of the Athenians?

According to later sources, one of the Athenian vice-commanders was Themistocles. It may be true, but it is more likely that the story was inspired by Themistocles’ later successes against the same enemy. It seems that by now, Themistocles already was a controversial politician.

What did the Athenians ask the oracle of Delphi?

Attica was seized by panic. The Athenians sought the wisdom of the Oracle of Delphi. According to Herodotus the Oracle’s response could hardly have been more negative:

Who was the ruler of Archeptolis in 459 BC?

Portrait of a ruler with olive wreath on the Magnesian coinage of Archeptolis, son of Themistocles, circa 459 BC. The portraits on the coinage of Archeptolis could also represent Themistocles.

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