What zodiac signs are the cast of Jersey Shore?

What zodiac signs are the cast of Jersey Shore?

Jersey Shore: What We Know About The Cast’s Astrological Signs

  • Three Compassionate Cancers. Three castmates were born in the summer, and they all share the same zodiac sign.
  • Two Creative Pisceans.
  • Two Free-Spirited Sagittarians.
  • One Loyal Scorpio.
  • One Responsible Capricorn.

Do Mike and Pauly D have the same birthday?

Mike’s birthday is July 4, followed by Pauly D’s on the next day.

How old was Jersey Shore Cast Season 1?

The entire cast was in their 20s. “Snooki” was just 22 when the show debuted, and “DJ Pauly D” was the oldest at 29. “The Situation” was 27 when the show started, and “JWoww” was 23. Guadagnino and Sammi were 22 at the time, Ortiz-Magro was 24, and Pivarnick was 23.

Are Angelina and Nicole still friends?

“They’re friends.” In another Instagram Stories, Pivarnick and Polizzi were sipping cocktails. Many Jersey Shore: Family Vacation fans are glad to see all of the roommates move on. After the drama at Pivarnick’s 2019 wedding and the aftermath, “Snooki” decided to step down from the show.

Are Ronnie and Sammi still together?

After two years of dating, they decided to make things official and got engaged in 2019. Although their wedding was supposed to be held in Spring 2020, they had to postpone their nuptials due to the coronavirus pandemic. Sadly, in May 2021, it appeared the two had split and stopped following each other on social media.

Who is the oldest on the Jersey Shore?

Paul “DJ Pauly D” DelVecchio DelVecchio is the oldest member of the cast, joining the series at age 29. Throughout the series, the aspiring DJ dated many women but never settled down.

What is Angelina from Jersey Shore worth?

Angelina Pivarnick — Net Worth: $2 million.

How much does the cast of Jersey Shore make per episode?

Of course, after the first season of Jersey Shore became such a huge hit, the cast was no longer just paid in gift cards. All of the cast members were reportedly paid $30,000 per episode in Season 3, and in the final season, they were reportedly making upwards of $150,000 per episode.

Who was the original cast of Jersey Shore?

joining the series at age 29.

  • she came in as the party girl ready to have a good time.
  • Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino.
  • Deena Nicole Cortese.
  • Ronnie Ortiz-Magro.
  • Did the cast of Jersey Shore go to college?

    The Jersey Shore cast doesn’t just party hard, they also study hard too. A majority of the MTV stars attended college before taking over the shore house in 2009.

    What are the ages of the Jersey Shore cast?

    The ages of the Jersey Shore cast range right now, from 24 through 31 years old. So next time you want to impress friends at a party, you can now tell them that Vinny is the oldest cast member from “Jersey Shore,” while Ronnie is the youngest! Most of the cast members were born in 86 or 87 though, making them 24 and 25 years old.

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