When was South Australia established as a colony?

When was South Australia established as a colony?

Colony of South Australia (1834 – 1901) The Colony of South Australia (also known as the Province of South Australia) was established in 1834, when the British Parliament passed the South Australia Act (also known as the Foundation Act).

Who started South Australia?

George Fife Angas
It was founded by George Fife Angas and other wealthy British merchants. Its immediate purpose was to encourage the purchase, in advance, of land in the planned colony. The company continued until 1949 and contributed various infrastructure as well as establishing the Bank of South Australia.

Who were the first settlers in South Australia?

Hindmarsh arrived in South Australia in 28 December 1836, with a fleet of ships carrying the first British settlers for the colony. The ships in the fleet included the Cygnet (carrying Colonel William Light’s surveyors), Africaine, Tam O’Shanter, Rapid, and HMS Buffalo (carrying Hindmarsh).

Is South Australia the driest place on Earth?

South Australia is part of the oldest, most isolated and geologically stable continent in the world. Australia is also the smallest, flattest continent, but largest island, in the world. Additionally, it is both the driest inhabited continent and vegetated land mass.

Who was the first person to live in Adelaide?

The first human inhabitants of Adelaide was the local aboriginal community, the Kaurna tribe. Their land spread from Adelaide and the Adelaide Plains, naming the land ‘Tarntanya’, translating to red kangaroo place. The area was one a simple, open grassy plain with patches of trees and shrubs throughout.

What is the history of the state of South Australia?

The history of South Australia includes the history of the Australian state of South Australia since Federation in 1901, and the area’s preceding Indigenous and British colonial societies.

Who was the founder of the South Australia colony?

By 1833, the South Australian Association was formed in England by Robert Gouger, in order to found a colony on the principles of Edward Gibbon Wakefield’s ‘system of colonization’. In the following year, the establishment of South Australia was made possible when the South Australian Colonization Act (UK) received Royal Assent.

When did the first settlers come to Australia?

European settlers didn’t begin to immigrate into the state of South Australia for about four decades after Australia was first colonized. Sightings of the South Australian coastal area were first mapped by Dutch explorers in the early 1600s. However, colonization of the state didn’t occur until 1836.

What makes South Australia so famous in Australia?

South Australia is renowned for its booming wine culture, which dominates the landscapes that surround Adelaide. However, the state is also famous for its history. South Australia was the only state in Australia that wasn’t established as a penal colony.

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