Why energy is required to boil a liquid?

Why energy is required to boil a liquid?

Boiling water is an endothermic process, which supplies heat to the water molecules, increasing their potential energy. The applied heat causes the water molecules to move further away from each other without causing any increase in overall temperature.

What is required for a liquid to boil?

Boiling. A liquid boils at a temperature at which its vapor pressure is equal to the pressure of the gas above it. The lower the pressure of a gas above a liquid, the lower the temperature at which the liquid will boil.

What will happen to the water if it continues to boil?

Once water starts boiling, its temperature remains stable. At a lower pressure (like in the mountains), the boiling point is a lower temperature. But, whatever the boiling point is, when water reaches it and undergoes a phase transition into water vapor (steam), the temperature stops rising.

How to calculate the amount of energy needed to boil a litre of water?

Δ h vap = specific enthalpy of vaporization of water; 540 cal/g. So you will get the amount of energy needed (in cal) to boil a litre of water. To get answer in Joule multiply the answer in cal by 4.184 J/cal. And be careful with units!

How many Watts Does It take to boil water?

So the answer is Delta T equals 20 degrees C to 100 degrees C assuming the water is at room temperature. So Delta T =80 If this takes 1 min to boil the power required to boil the water equals 96kilo joules/60 seconds =1600 watts or 1.6 kilo watts.

What happens to the surface of the water when it boils?

However, it’s still too low for the surface water to remain liquid so more boils, top level falls, steam displaces water level and water is allowed to escape. This continues until the balance of gravity equals the air pressure against which the water is escaping into.

How long does it take to boil water in a water heater?

If you use Water Heater to cook 1 liter of water it takes around 4–5 Minutesto boil a liter of water. (Of course it also differs from water heater to water heater) If you want it super fast, usually microwave oven takes around 3–5 minutes to boil water ( I used the level 5 power and it is a normal microwave oven).

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